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In 2002, DEA defined its core purpose: To improve the quality of life while demonstrating stewardship of the built and natural environments. Shortly thereafter, we developed our first sustainability plan, which we refine and update each year. Stewardship goes to the heart and soul of what makes us tick. It’s a practice we live every day, in ways large and small.

Internal practices that support our commitment to sustainability

  • 110 percent of our firm-wide electricity usage is offset by green power through purchasing Renewable Energy Credits.
  • DEA’s 9/80 work schedule means the majority of employees have every other Friday off, reducing the amount of employee commuting.
  • We use video conferencing to reduce business-related travel.
  • We have sustainability coordinators in each office who assist in reducing work-related travel, the use of resources, and waste. They also encourage and support the use of renewables, recycling, and involvement in community organizations.
  • Many of our offices offer commute trip reduction programs and subsidized public transportation passes.
  • We have a “Guaranteed Ride Home” program for people who commute by transit, bike or on foot, so they know they have a ride home in case of a family emergency.
  • We have reduced the number of vehicles in our fleet and have leased hybrid vehicles for routine business travel.
  • We sponsor and encourage employees to obtain LEED accreditation.

Helping our clients demonstrate stewardship

  • Our staff creates sustainability plans, “greenstreets” and “smartstreets,” and carbon and GHG management plans for transportation projects. We have designed light rail and street car lines throughout the United States that save tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • DEA has contributed to more than 70 LEED-certified building projects nationwide and has 20 LEED-accredited professionals on staff.
  • With respect to water, a life-sustaining resource, we have developed integrated water solutions, green infrastructure, and marketplace solutions to better manage this limited natural resource.

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