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Surveying and Geomatics :: Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)

DEA is utilizing sUAS to acquire airborne imagery in support of our mapping, modeling, and inspection capabilities. Commercially operating under Code of Federal Regulations 14, Part 107, DEA has developed flight operations to aid in our clients’ project needs. With this technology, DEA can acquire imagery, video, and LiDAR to support and/or supplement our other technological efforts.

Our staff are skilled operators who hold remote pilot ratings. They are highly knowledgeable about national air space and actively work with others in the industry to pave the way for new solutions. As this technology moves forward, DEA has found sUAS to be a preferred method to economically acquire imagery in areas where it would otherwise be impossible or cost-prohibitive to do so. Using sUAS has directly enhanced our efforts in developing CIM/BIM models and GIS systems.


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