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Public Involvement

Public Involvement

We believe that those who are affected by a decision have the right to be involved in the decision-making process. We pride ourselves in our ability to help decision-makers ensure those opportunities are designed into the processes we manage and facilitate. In fact, we design our public involvement processes to engage a wide breadth of the affected public and stakeholders, support decision-makers’ needs, and build trust and credibility for the process among all parties while ensuring that commitments are made in good faith. Our team has facilitated decision-making processes for a variety of clients through every project phase from visioning, planning, and design through to final construction. We also bring extensive experience designing community engagement processes that satisfy National Environmental Policy Act and Title VI / Environmental Justice requirements.

Public Involvement

Public Involvement is essential to successful projects and today’s public expects convenient opportunities to participate in the process as well as influence the outcome. Let our team help you provide a positive, strategic, and effective engagement experience for all parties involved. We provide the public with accurate and clear information tailored to their interests, easy opportunities to participate, and considerate and timely responses to their concerns.

Our Public Involvement specialists provide strategic and tailored support designed to fit project need. We focus on equitable engagement, recognizing that additional efforts are often necessary to hear from underrepresented groups such as immigrant, low-income, and older adult populations; individuals with limited English language proficiency; or people with disabilities. We design and implement communication processes allowing community input to be gathered and used in a meaningful way. We excel at planning and facilitating in-person, telephone, and online engagement events and have experience with a multitude of formats and platforms.

Our powerful and strategic Public Involvement processes help clients develop and maintain positive relationships with affected communities and stakeholders throughout the life of a project and beyond.


Our team provides client support across a variety of communication and organizational needs, offering extensive experience in public relations, marketing, and communication strategy. Our support services cover everything from research to execution and can involve anything from surveys and studies to event planning and media outreach. Whether serving as the face of a project or supporting our clients from behind the scenes, we offer a wide array of communications services to meet any project need.

Strategic Planning

A strategic communication and engagement plan is the backbone of any successful program. Despite its critical nature, this kind of planning can often be overlooked. If you or your organization is struggling, we can help. We will identify audiences, target key issues, assess processes and tailor a plan that will help you get on track to successfully implement your communication needs. Whether it is a crisis management plan, social media strategy, survey tool, facilitation process, or event plan; our team brings the know-how to elevate your program strategy.


Partnering and team building are critical to any decision-making group. Whether you are leading a team to make infrastructure improvements or are talking to people about how they want their community to look in 25 years, partnering can help your team work together to manage risk and achieve goals. Built on a foundation of collaboration, partnering and team building can help break down silos, foster trust, increase interconnectedness, and improve communication.

From a short session to full-day workshops, the design of your partnering program depends on the needs of your project and the experience of your team. We will work with you to assess your team / project’s needs then develop a partnering plan to maximize your time and lead to better projects. Partnering programs can include monthly electronic surveys, executive partnering sessions, team activities, lessons-learned workshops and more.