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Surveying and Geomatics :: Subsurface Utility Locating and Mapping

DEA’s subsurface utility locating and mapping service allows for quick and accurate locating and mapping of underground utilities. Teaming with a firm experienced in geophysical surveying and engineering, DEA’s survey team can provide clients with imaging both above and below the surface, giving them the ability to “see” below the surface and obtain infrastructure information vital to maintenance, operations, and construction.

Through Multi-Array Ground Penetrating Radar and Computer Aided Radar Tomography (CART), clients benefit from technology that adheres to standards developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE C-1 38-02) for subsurface utility engineering. The service allows DEA to combine professional and technical resources to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that fulfill clients’ needs and meet aggressive schedules. This advanced 3D technology provides 3D underground utility locating, compiles data safely at roadway speeds, provides design-level accuracies and geo-references, and provides full site coverage availability. Our accurate, dependable, quality subsurface utility locating and mapping deliverables complement the other services DEA provides.

CART is an innovative and cost-effective system ideal for:

  • Corridor surveys for rail, highway, and airports
  • Highway engineering
  • Site development
  • Utility undergrounding
  • Risk mitigation
  • Locating unknown and abandoned utilities


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