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Transportation :: Smart Mobility

What is Smart Mobility?

DEA’s Smart Mobility team combines our traffic engineering, transportation planning, and environmental planning expertise to provide mobility and safety solutions that recognize the context of each community’s and client’s goals.

Smart Mobility Solutions

We partner with our clients to deliver efficient and reliable multimodal transportation systems, coordinating land use and transportation to enhance Smart(er) Cities. Through effective and practical planning and design, our team brings creative and value-added solutions for communities’ evolving mobility and safety needs. We utilize traffic engineering, transportation planning, multimodal connectivity, and transportation technology to plan and design projects for helping to move people and goods with improved safety and efficiency.


Our engineers and planners specialize in providing implementable solutions that are clearly documented and coordinated with stakeholders and the general public:

Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic signal and signal system design
  • Comprehensive signing design
  • Construction traffic control design
  • Parking evaluation and plans
  • Safety analyses
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Traffic analyses, simulation, and modeling
  • Travel demand forecasting
  • Traffic surveys and data collection/compilation
  • Access management plans/access control plans
Transportation Planning
  • Corridor studies
  • Planning and environmental linkage (PEL) studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Area transportation plans
  • Intersection/interchange management plans
  • Environmental clearance and documentation
  • Public and stakeholder coordination/strategies
Multimodal Connectivity
  • Pedestrian and bicycle plans
  • Bicycle facility design
  • Safe Routes to School plans and design
  • Transit facility planning and station/park-and-ride facilities and operations
Transportation Technology
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design
  • Active Traffic Management System planning and design
  • Big data analyses
  • Integrated planning for future technologies
  • Interactive online transportation plans
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Rating Systems
  • GIS story maps
  • Infraworks

Key Contacts

Stacy Tschuor

Stacy Tschuor

National Transportation Planning Leader