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We work closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their goals and project-specific needs. Our emphasis on clarifying expectations means that the expertise of our professional and technical staff is focused, and we are insightful and efficient as we achieve our clients’ objectives.
Advanced Structural Analysis

Sometimes analysis needs to be taken to the extreme, literally. Our specialized team of structural engineers makes use of advanced software to analyze the effects of extreme loads—such as heat, wind, seismic activity, blasts, and other conditions—on complex structures.


  • Advanced structural analysis
  • Analysis of nuclear containment vessels
  • Blast effects modeling and analysis
  • Design of complex structures
  • Design of fiber composite jackets
  • Expert witness testimony/forensic analysis
  • Seismic effects modeling and analysis
  • Seismic retrofitting of existing structures
  • Testing and analysis of innovative structural materials
Bridge Engineering

The scale of our bridge projects ranges from single-span structures to multi-phased signature bridges. For each size and type of structure, we help our clients navigate the complexities inherent in bridge projects, including technical issues, funding, regulations, and public relations. Our value-based engineering services include planning, studies, design, evaluation, inspection, construction services, and bridge program support.

Civil Engineering

DEA’s founder was a civil engineer, and we proudly continue the tradition of excellence that reflects our roots. For more than 40 years, our engineers have provided award-winning engineering services to public and private clients.


  • Flow management
  • Hydrologic/hydraulic modeling
  • Site civil
  • Storm drainage, detention, and treatment
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Systems mapping
  • Utilities
  • Water systems
Construction Engineering

We offer a full array of construction engineering and construction administration services that span the plan, design, construction, and operation of a project and facilities program. During each phase of a project, our staff focus on delivering a project that exceeds the owner’s expectations. We do this by working proactively with owners and contractors to mitigate pitfalls or deficiencies. Clients benefit from the convenience of a multidisciplinary firm offering diverse services, including one-stop construction engineering services for an entire project.



  • Construction procurement services
  • Assistance in preparing bid documents
  • Assistance in proposal requests
  • Analysis of submitted bids
  • Constructability reviews
  • Review of construction drawings and specifications at several stages of design
  • Assistance to owner and consultant in mitigation of potential problems
  • Value engineering
  • Review of design concepts and materials, building systems, and equipment
  • Review of field construction techniques and feasibility
  • Advice on alternative designs and/or materials
  • Recommendations on availability of materials, labor, and time requirements for procurement, installation, and construction
  • Comparison of first-cost to life-cycle cost
  • Evaluation of alternatives and recommendations for design revisions that result in cost or time savings
  • Review of construction documents at periodic intervals during preparation
  • Independent cost estimates
  • Cost verification

During Construction

  • Surveying
  • Construction staking, and right-of-way and property surveys
  • Contour and topographic mapping
  • Computation of cut and fill quantities
  • Construction administration
  • Contract administration and documentation
  • Inspection/surveillance, testing coordination, and change order scoping and negotiations, and review and validation of quality control procedures
  • Specialized inspection services, as needed

Construction Completion

  • Final inspection services
  • Preparation of punch list
  • Checking and confirmation that testing, including operational testing, has been performed and documented
  • Checking and confirmation that Operation and Maintenance manuals and required training are provided
  • Claims analysis and negotiation, as needed
  • Expert witness support, as needed
Structural Engineering

We provide comprehensive and innovative structural engineering services to both public- and private-sector clients. Our expertise is reflected in a range of structural systems: cast-in-place, post-tensioned, and pre-cast concrete, as well as structural steel, light-gauge steel, wood frame, and masonry. We provide seismic risk analysis, existing building condition assessments, and seismic structural analysis and detailing for rehabilitation of existing structures. We also help clients achieve their goal of LEED certification for their buildings.

Traffic Engineering

Working within the framework of our clients’ budgets and design constraints, our engineers blend practical approaches with technical innovation to create solutions that work for such modes of transportation as automobiles, high-occupancy vehicles, trucks, transit, and non-motorized travel.


  • Bicycle lanes
  • Channelization
  • Commercial vehicle operations
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Environmental assessments
  • Operations management
  • Parking operations studies
  • Radar speed studies
  • Rail grade crossings
  • Roundabouts
  • Safety studies
  • School route analyses
  • Signage and striping
  • Signal design
  • Traffic control device inventories
  • Traffic maintenance during construction
  • Traffic signal timing
  • Traffic simulations
  • Transit priority signals
  • Transportation impact studies
  • Traveler information
  • Truck weigh stations