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Marine Services :: Hydrographic Surveys

DEA Marine Services’ hydrographic surveying capabilities include geodetic control surveys, tidal observations and datum computations, shoreline validation, current velocity measurements, and high-resolution multibeam sonar, single-beam sonar, and side scan sonar surveying services. Our survey procedures follow or exceed standards set by the USACE, NOAA, and IHO for Hydrographic Surveys, as well as procedures developed in-house to maximize data quality and documentation. We routinely conduct surveys and deliver products exceeding these requirements, are able to customize our methods to meet our clients’ needs, and have provided expert witness testimony as needed.

DEA Marine Services personnel conduct hydrographic operations on a full-time basis and are highly trained in all aspects of data acquisition and processing. Senior staff are peer-recognized as national leaders in hydrographic sciences and are committed to advancing the profession of hydrography. Examples include: serving on the hydrographer certification board and the NOAA Hydrographic Services Peer Review Panel, authoring and presenting technical papers, and providing peer review and training to federal and local agency hydrographers. We serve as trusted advisors to many of our clients, and provide consultation, training, quality review, and processing of client-acquired data.

DEA Marine Services’ staff includes Professional Land Surveyors, Professional Engineers, Licensed Geologists, and Hydrographers certified by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and The Hydrographic Society of America (NSPS/THSOA).


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