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Surveying and Geomatics :: Civil/Building Information Modeling (CIM/BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been a part of the vertical construction world for many years. Through the process of BIM, DEA can capture accurate and detailed existing conditions of a building with the use of 3D laser scanning. Design plans are transformed from volumes of paper plans to a CAD drawing that displays the existing and proposed structure and sub-elements in great detail within a 3-D view. Conflicts and clashes now can be identified and revised before any construction begins. The savings realized from this process is significant not only for the budget, but also for the schedule by reducing delays.

Because utility and constructability conflicts/clashes cost horizontal construction projects millions of dollars each year, there is a strong case for incorporating detailed Civil Information Modeling (CIM) into future construction projects. At DEA, our CIM services use the same processes and deliverables described in the vertical market with BIM, and add yet another dimension: subsurface utility mapping. Utilizing a combination of 3D laser scanning, Electromagnetic Locators, Ground Penetrating Radar, and 3D imaging using Computer Aided Radar Tomography, DEA is able to capture current as-built conditions of utilities and features above and below the surface. Once the existing subsurface and aboveground utilities are mapped in a 3D environment, the proposed utility and project structures and improvements can be created in 3D from the design plans and incorporated into the existing model to check for conflicts and clashes. By completing the CIM before construction begins, schedule delays and change orders are reduced.


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