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Surveying and Geomatics :: Laser Scanning and Mapping

Static Scanning

If your project requires accurate and highly dense data, then static laser scanning is a great solution. With the purchase of our first scanner in 2001, DEA has become a leader in providing 3D laser scanning services. The advantages of this service are that it provides rapid data capture and comprehensive coverage data acquisition while increasing safety and reducing the need for revisiting sites for pick-up work. The system provides an archive of data for future reference and automatically captures data in 3D, providing significant detail on modeling and measuring. DEA has used 3D laser scanning for building interiors and exteriors, industrial sites, site surveys, bridge surveys, and road surveys. With 15 years of experience using this technology, we are one of the foremost consultants in this field.


Roadway and corridor surveying has never been safer, faster, and more efficient than with the use of mobile laser scanning. Mobile laser scanning is a tool that acquires a dense point cloud of data and digital imagery from a vehicle traveling safely at highway speeds. In 2008, DEA integrated our first mobile laser scanning system into our portfolio of new and innovative mapping solutions for our clients. Mobile laser scanning collects up to one million points per second while simultaneously collecting digital video and imagery. Documenting and following quality control procedures is critical for mobile laser scanning to meet the accuracy specifications of the system. The critical components include pre-mission planning, data overlap collection, and collection of independent ground points for accuracy analysis. DEA follows a detailed checklist for site planning and field data collection procedures. Mobile laser scanning generates a large amount of geospatial data, and we have efficient workflows to manage and map the data and to deliver the specific requirements for a particular project.


We are experts at tailoring the deliverable to the client’s specific needs and work with a large variety of software packages, such as AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, Navisworks, Infraworks, 3D Studio Max, and more. DEA maintains the data for future extraction as requested by the client. Since incorporating this tool into our arsenal, we have mapped hundreds of highway miles for a variety of local and state public agency clients in the western United States.


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