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Who We Are

Who We Are

The DEA Difference

What sets DEA apart—even more than the quality of our work—is the quality of our relationships and the commitments we make.

Our goal is to deliver desired outcomes through excellent project solutions and a superior client experience.

The DEA Difference is reflected in six commitments and the seriousness with which we make them:

We begin with clarity of expectations – actively listening and understanding your objectives. We clarify the outcomes you seek, both from a project and relationship perspective. We initially and regularly identify critical success factors.

With an understanding of your expectations, you can expect effective communication marked by honesty, openness, and respect. We communicate regularly as a team and stay abreast of changes in expectations or conditions, then adapt accordingly.

Because quality is a cornerstone of any client-consultant relationship, we emphasize accountability. At DEA, accountability means respecting the boundaries of the scope, schedule, and budget and rising above circumstances that would stand in the way of achieving results.

Working in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, we strive to serve as an extension of your staff and act as one team in developing solutions. We draw on firm-wide expertise and resources to benefit your projects.

Using initiative and creativity, we transform issues into opportunities and emphasize anticipating needs. You’ll work with professionals who see the big picture and lead in developing sustainable design and management solutions. Our resources, including advanced systems and technology, help us quickly deliver results.

Through these commitments, we discover opportunities to create trust-based relationships. A trust-based relationship is our sixth commitment.

Taken together, these commitments create authentic, meaningful relationships; effective solutions; and superior client experiences, which are the hallmark of the DEA Difference.


Who We Are

Collaboration and Teamwork

Working together seamlessly to develop alternatives.

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