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Who We Are

Who We Are

The DEA Difference

What sets us apart—even more than the quality of our work—is the quality of our relationships and the commitments we make.

In an industry where ideas, plans, and execution matter greatly, we want to know what you, our clients, care about and exceed your expectations.

With talented people who make and keep commitments, you’ll experience a difference with DEA — one that sets us apart in the world of professional services consulting. Our difference is reflected in six commitments and the seriousness with which we make them.

To create solutions, we begin with clarity of expectations, with listening and fully understanding your objectives. We constantly strive to understand and clarify the outcomes you seek, both from a project perspective and a relationship perspective.

With our understanding of your expectations, you can expect effective communication characterized by honesty, openness, and consideration. You’ll hear passion and enthusiasm in our voices as we work together to improve the quality of life while demonstrating stewardship of the built and natural environments.

In our work, we treat quality as the cornerstone of the client-consultant relationship. At DEA, accountability means respecting the boundaries of the scope, schedule, and budget and refusing to let circumstances stand in the way of delivering results.

Using initiative and creativity, we reframe potential issues into opportunities and provide clients with award-winning approaches to transportation, land development, energy, water, and environmental challenges. You’ll work with professionals who see the big picture. DEA is a national leader in sustainable design and management solutions. New resources, including advanced systems and technology, help us to quickly deliver better solutions.

We recognize that all communication and deliverables are reflections on our performance. In a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, we strive to be a seamless extension of your staff. We act as one team and tap the expertise and resources of the entire firm for the benefit of you and your projects.

We believe that clarity of expectations, effective communications, accountability, teamwork and collaboration, and initiative and creativity are the necessary building blocks for any trust-based relationship. These five commitments engender trust (our sixth commitment) and in an environment of trust, these five commitments thrive. Taken together, our six commitments create authentic, meaningful relationships that differentiate our firm. Each day DEA people live accordingly to earn your trust.

Our firm is consistently ranked among ENR’s “Top 100 Pure Design Firms” and is a leader in providing professional consulting services locally, regionally, and nationally. How can DEA  help you?

Who We Are


We do what we say with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

31 offices, 1000 staff

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