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Career Growth

We empower employees to reach their full potential by providing a wide range of professional and personal development opportunities.

Through initiatives like DEA University, mentorships, Kick-Start Grants, and tuition reimbursement we blend experiential, social, and formal learning. This supports employees in unlocking their talents and evolving their skills over time. We encourage curiosity, advancement, and growth at all levels, believing that investing in our people invests in the future success of DEA.

Career Growth and Development Benefits

DEA University
DEA University provides continuous training and education opportunities for DEA employees. Our learning philosophy recognizes that optimal growth and development can be achieved through a balanced combination of three learning sources: experiential learning (70%), social learning (20%), and formal learning (10%). This philosophy guides our offerings and the development guidance provided to our staff.

  • Kick-Start Grant
    The Kick-Start Grant program was designed to assist employees in their development journey. The program provides a grant of $500 for expenses and 8 hours of labor to both part-time and full-time employees. Employees can utilize the grant for various purposes, such as attending seminars, online training courses, webinars, or purchasing books and journals that align with their career development goals.
  • Success Plans
    Success Plans are tools used at DEA to facilitate effective communication and clarify expectations between supervisors and employees. These plans help employees understand their roles and contributions to the success of their teams and the organization.
  • Tuition Reimbursement
    If you aspire to further your education, we offer tuition reimbursement. Additionally, we provide a wide range of training and development opportunities through DEA University, including workshops, seminars, and convenient online courses.
  • Professional Licensure Reimbursement
    DEA recognizes the importance of professional certifications and licenses in enhancing the skills and qualifications of its staff. To support continued training and education, DEA covers the registration fees for professional licenses applicable to an employee’s role within the organization (per Supervisory approval).
  • Reimbursement for Association Memberships
    We value involvement in professional associations. To support your engagement, we provide reimbursement for membership fees, enabling you to stay connected and up-to-date in your field.

DEA’s core values shape the culture of the firm. They are essential to sustain the success of each office as an enjoyable and meaningful workplace and as an effective service provider.


We recognize that DEA is not the center of the universe. Enjoying our efforts and our workplace is essential to maintaining our professional excellence.