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Marine Services :: Offshore Wind Survey Support

DEA Marine offers a comprehensive range of services optimized to support offshore wind power projects, from the earliest stages of site evaluation through to the final touches that ensure regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

Our operating footprint along the U.S. Pacific and Gulf Coasts place us in an advantageous position to serve the burgeoning offshore wind sector. Holding Certificates of Authority in every state along both Coasts, we bring to the table not just deep knowledge of marine engineering but an intimate understanding of the unique natural and regulatory landscapes of these areas. This geographical leverage, coupled with our commitment to a superior client experience, makes DEA your partner of choice in navigating the complexities of offshore wind projects.

Beginning with in-depth site characterization and surveys, DEA employs advanced marine hydrographic, geophysical, and environmental techniques. This ensures that every aspect of your site is thoroughly understood, laying a solid foundation for successful project planning and execution. Our state-of-the-art mapping solutions provide a seamless integration of data from land to sea, facilitating informed decision-making every step of the way.

Recognizing the importance of navigating the complex web of regulatory requirements, DEA offers robust environmental and regulatory support. We streamline the permitting process for nearshore infrastructure, conduct exhaustive environmental assessment studies, and undertake protected species surveys, all designed to uphold our and your commitment to sustainability.

Beyond the technical aspects, DEA’s dedication to environmental stewardship reflects our broader commitment to preserving our planet for future generations. Through marine habitat restoration and comprehensive environmental studies, we not only adhere to the highest standards of environmental compliance but also contribute to the advancement of offshore wind energy as a pillar of sustainable development.


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