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Design Studio

DEA Design Studio

We practice holistically at the nexus of land use, development, and infrastructure to create beautiful and sustainable places.

DEA Design Studio

What we do:

  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Planning

We artfully blend – through creative design – constructed landscapes and natural systems while responding to pragmatic project requirements.

DEA Design Studio

Holistic Solutions

Our creative approach engages early and in-house with project teams to ‘fine tune’ and tailor-make solutions.

DEA Design Studio
DEA Design Studio

Context Connection

Good design reflects local context.

We address the qualitative character of improvements to maximize ‘community fit’, so elements feel ‘like they belong’.

DEA Design Studio


We begin by listening. Only then do our designers, facilitators and public speakers further engage to support outreach efforts, simplify technical issues, and improve 2D and 3D visualizations.  We are charrette and work-session facilitation veterans.


Appropriate graphic solutions vary by project phase, complexity and expectations.

We provide:

  • Quick, Hand-Drawn Sketches
  • 3D Design Alternatives
  • Concept Massing
  • Hybrid Perspectives Combining Digital and Hand Drawing
  • Presentation Imagery
DEA Design Studio
DEA Design Studio

Public Realm Experts

Essential to high quality of life, our designers offer a track-record of delivering award-winning parks, trails and all varieties of community open spaces.

Design Leadership

Good design need not cost more. We provide unparalleled in-house expertise to meet increasing client expectations, and create places of lasting value.

DEA Design Studio

Key Contacts

Todd Marcum

Todd Marcum

Land Development Regional Manager 503.499.0226

Jim Hencke

Jim Hencke

Associate 503.499.0395