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Energy :: Traditional Energy

DEA’s services for overhead and underground electrical transmission include environmental studies, land surveying, hydrographic surveying, public outreach, transmission structure design (tubular steel, lattice, concrete, and wood structures), and civil/foundation design. DEA also provides special studies on noise, visual impacts, wetlands, and wildlife protection.

For air and gas insulated substations, high-voltage direct current, and upgrades to existing substations, our staff offers cost-effective and innovative solutions. Services include environmental studies, permitting, landscape design, public outreach, oil containment/protection and control, and civil/structural design as well as animal/bird protection and visual impact studies.

For hydroelectric and natural gas pipelines, DEA provides siting, permitting, surveying and mapping, and site civil engineering. DEA staff has extensive experience preparing environmental studies, including those required under CEQA, NEPA and the California Energy Commission (CEC); designing and permitting water and wastewater systems; and delivering transportation designs and traffic analyses.


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