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Land Development :: Mixed-use / Urban Infill

Westgate City Center Entertainment District

Glendale, AZ

DEA performed preliminary site design and final civil engineering for Westgate City Center, which includes arena and associated entertainment facilities, retail shops, and restaurants. The site is located south of Glendale Avenue between 91st Avenue and SR 101L. It will have more than 6 million square feet of multi-use development upon completion. The center includes a lakefront entrance, destination retail, a large theatre complex, and several restaurants. On the east side of the site, a 25-acre residential development buffers the surrounding neighborhoods. A neighborhood shopping center is integrated to the north of the residential site. The west portion of the site hosts big box users (over 300,000 square feet of pads). Westgate City center is the “gateway” to the City of Glendale.


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