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Uinta County Wind Project

Uinta County, WY

The Uinta County Wind Project was developed by FPL Energy for the installation of eighty 1.8‑MW Vestas-America V80 wind turbine generators in southwest Wyoming. The 6-feeder underground collection system was connected to a 90/120/150‑MVA, 34.5‑kV to 138‑kV, step-up transformer through 34.5‑kV metal-clad switchgear. Eight 4200‑kVAr capacitor banks were provided for reactive power support.  The 138‑kV power was delivered to a new three-position ring bus switching station (fourth position future) to interconnect the project to an existing PacifiCorp 138‑kV transmission line. A new fiber optic communication line was installed on the PacifiCorp transmission line for metering and system protection.

To meet contractual deadlines, this project was designed and constructed in less than 6 months. 

DEA (dba TriAxis Engineering, Inc.) performed the following design tasks under contract to the lead electrical contractor:

  • Hinshaw Substation: step-up substation design including layout, foundations, bus work, metering and the control wiring interface.
  • Long Hollow Switchyard: the four-position 138-kV ring bus switching station including the interconnection with the PacifiCorp control and communication systems.
  • Fiber Optic Cable (OPGW) design for the existing PacifiCorp 138-kV transmission line.
  • 6-MVAr medium-voltage
    capacitor bank
  • Reactive power control system.
  • Protective relay settings.
  • Communication system installation support.
  • Engineering services during construction.


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