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Land Development :: Residential

Ten Trails Master Planned Community

Black Diamond, WA

This master planned development will provide a vibrant mixed-use community with a variety of housing, employment, civic, educational, open space trails, and recreational opportunities within the City of Black Diamond. Ten Trails is a 1,200-acre site that includes unique environmentally sensitive areas and infiltrative soils, thereby allowing us to integrate low impact development techniques into the stormwater management plan. DEA has created a two-tier stormwater management program for this project consisting of on-site requirements for private LID facilities, combined with a regional system of ponds and infiltration facilities. DEA planners, engineers and landscape architects are designing the conceptual and construction level plans for water, sewer stormwater systems and all open space/trails and park facilities. DEA assisted with the preparation of the EIS, the development agreement and coordinating entitlements for the master planned community. DEA surveyors have provided boundary and topographic surveys, legal descriptions and construction surveying for the property.


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