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Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Redevelopment (54 MW)

Snoqualmie, WA

The Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Facility is Puget Sound Energy’s oldest power-generating operation, located on the Snoqualmie River. The existing facility (Plants 1 and 2) operates with a total generating capacity of 44.4 MW. Plant 1 was originally built in 1898 and includes the world’s first completely underground powerhouse in a cavern 260 feet below Snoqualmie Falls. Plant 2, about a quarter-mile downstream from Plant 1, was built in 1910 and expanded in 1957.

The facility is being redeveloped, and extensive improvements are being made to both Plants 1 and 2. Improvements include upgrading the turbine generators in Plants 1 and 2 as well as the buildings housing the generating and transmission equipment. The redeveloped hydroelectric plant will boost the total output from 44.4 MW to 54 MW—an output sufficient to meet the power needs of 40,000 households.

DEA provided a range of services:

United States Treasury 1603 Grant Application Preparation – DEA conducted construction observation services and prepared an Independent Engineering Report. The report covers the status of the physical work items commenced on the Snoqualmie Falls Redevelopment Project and describes the project’s eligibility for grant funding.

High Accuracy Topographic Surveying – Project work included a combination of aerial photogrammetry and ground surveys of above- and below-ground facilities.

Laser Scanning – DEA provided laser scanning of powerhouses, tunnels, and existing facilities, as well as bathymetric and geotechnical work.


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