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Land Development :: Residential

Port Gamble Redevelopment

Port Gamble, WA

DEA was hired to help realize the client’s vision of preserving, restoring and enhancing the historic “company town” of Port Gamble, Washington. DEA’s focus is to bring that vision to life and help navigate the myriad issues raised during the development process. The completed 318-acre, infill redevelopment project will feature residential units, commercial space, and event space. New parks will be installed throughout the site, and open space will protect existing critical areas, including Hood Canal and the Port Gamble Bay shoreline.

DEA’s landscape architects, planners, civil engineers, and surveyors have prepared several alternative master plan concepts for updates to the Port Gamble Master Plan. Included in these designs are waterfront revitalization plans; updates to the town center including revisions to open space, pedestrian and vehicular circulation; planning in the agrarian zone including wineries, creameries, wildlife sanctuaries and agricultural demonstration areas; the addition of new residential and cottage communities while preserving the existing residences; and connections to the existing Port Gamble pedestrian, bike and trail system. Recent activity by DEA’s Land Use Planning Department includes submitting a Preliminary Plat and Shoreline Substantial Development Permit to the County and assisting with the Environmental Impact Statement that will be published by Kitsap County.


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