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Junction City Substation

Lane County, OR

The substation design was for Blachly Lane Electric Cooperative. This Distribution Station is feed by a 115kV line tap to an A-Frame Structure. The station includes a high-side 115-kV group operated vertical break switch, 115-kV circuit switcher, 115-12.47Y/7.2KV 30/40/50MVA transformer, three single-phase regulators, a 15kV circuit breaker, side break group operated 15-kV switch, and four feeder bays with 15kV circuit breakers with expansion capacity for four additional.

DEA was responsible for

  • Site grading design
  • Yard layout design with consideration for future expansion
  • Physical substation design including the feeder rack bays
  • Structural steel concepts
  • Control house conceptual layout
  • Relay cabinet design
  • Protection and control schematics. 


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