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Jamboree Roadway Widening – Main Street to Barranca Parkway

Irvine, CA

DEA was selected to provide professional engineering services, alternatives analysis, engineering designs and plan preparation, and landscape architecture to complete the widening of Jamboree Road. To complete the road design, DEA is performing a comprehensive review of the plans prepared for the two intersections (Main Street and Barranca Parkway), and is revising and updating the intersection plans to align with the proposed Jamboree Road street improvements. This work specifically includes the northerly limits of the Main Street intersection and the southerly limits of the Barranca Parkway intersection, joining the new Jamboree Road project in lieu of joining the existing street section.

The roadway widening project requires removing the existing parkway improvements, and constructing new street improvements and parkway grading, landscaping, irrigation, and low-level retaining walls. This work within the parkways includes an evaluation of the impacts to existing underground utilities currently located in the areas of the street widening. The field work includes coordination with the utility companies to determine the alignment and depth of their facilities. Upgrades to the underground utility facilities may be required to allow traffic flow over existing parkway structures. DEA’s project team is working with utility consultants to complete the field verification services, including pot holing, to determine utility relocation needs or to maintain the utilities in place.


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