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Land Development :: Parks, Trails, and Open Space

Gene Autry Trail Gateway

Palm Springs, CA

DEA provided landscape architectural and civil engineering design services for the parkways and median on Gene Autry Trail north of Vista Chino, as well as the design of a new 1.7-acre passive park that serves as a new and vibrant gateway to the City of Palm Springs. City staff and the design team had several critical project goals: creating a passive park that serves the neighborhood and provides a dynamic and recognized landmark; developing a unique and creative Palm Springs Gateway; engaging in seamless communication and coordination with city staff, Caltrans, SCE, DWA, and local, state and federal agencies (Transportation Equity Act funding); and providing timeless design solutions that evoke identity and contribute to “place making.”

The completed park achieved the goals (improving the quality of life for nearby residents and demonstrating stewardship of the natural environment), while creating an iconic landmark for visitors to Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. The revitalization of this once vacant parcel of land into a unique oasis proved successful in both function and form. It improved drainage, increased property values, and increased safety, while discouraging negative activities such as vandalism, illegal dumping, and loitering. Most important, it provides residents with a place to enjoy the outdoors.

Project Awards

2011 Merit Award from Coachella Valley American Public Works Association


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