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Callville Bay Launch Ramp

Lake Mead, NV

DEA was contracted to address the National Park Service’s need to lower the boat launch ramp at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area due to decreasing water levels in Lake Mead. Callville Bay is one of the most popular boat launch/marina facilities on Lake Mead and serves most recreational boaters coming from Las Vegas. It also provides a significant revenue stream for the park.

DEA’s design provides for a 60-foot drop in water elevation with an alternative for an additional 50-foot drop. The remote site and access to deeper water for launching required the development of close to ¼ mile of new access roadway, a 100-vehicle parking lot, and a 680-foot by 140-foot concrete boat launch. Plans included design elements that minimized visual impacts, limited runoff by using porous concrete, and avoided the need for electrical service by using photovoltaic lighting for illumination. DEA also provided hydrographic surveys of seven other sites within Lake Mead. Surveyors then merged existing aerial photographs with the hydrographic survey bases. The combined information gave park officials and DEA designers the ability to assess the most appropriate routes for expansion of the ramp and marina.


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