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Marine Services :: Environmental Investigations

Marine and fresh waterways are unique natural environments for marine flora and fauna, and are critical assets to commerce, industry, and recreation. Maintaining and managing these crucial resources requires an understanding of their conditions, uses, and influences on both natural and human-made environments.

DEA Marine Services has the experience and technical resources necessary to support environmental investigations, document and monitor conditions using current and historical data, and aid in the remediation of contaminated marine sites.

Environmental investigations cover a broad range of hydrographic, oceanographic, and marine geophysical and associated geospatial services. We customize the instrumentation and methodology used to meet the specific project needs. In addition, DEA Marine Services has developed methods for semi-automated habitat mapping from acoustic backscatter. Environmental investigations typically support:

  • Remedial Investigations (RI)
  • Feasibility Studies (FS)
  • Habitat mapping (macrophytes, currents, tidal range, bathymetry, and substrate material)
  • Oyster cultch delineation and volumetric analysis
  • Sediment cap construction and monitoring
  • Sediment transport studies
  • Inundation modeling
  • Derelict fishing gear remediation
  • Unexploded ordnance remediation
  • Marine archaeological investigations
  • Tide and current studies
  • Acoustic noise compliance monitoring during construction
  • Baseline condition with follow-on mapping and change analysis


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