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SIN 899-7: Geographic Information Systems

DEA uses GIS as part of an overall strategy of applying the benefits of emerging technologies to our clients’ projects. DEA applies advanced graphic, database, and programming tools to watershed analysis, integrated resource planning, and species occurrence and population modeling efforts.

Mapping and cartography
DEA has compiled a digital mapping library that is expanding continually as it acquires data from its mobile GPS units and new urban and public land bases.

Natural resource planning, site selection, migration pattern analysis
DEA’s natural resources scientists are skilled in analyzing ecosystems. Our staff of ecologists, botanists, wildlife and fish biologists, hydrologists, and geologists have experience in watershed analysis, habitat evaluations and restoration plans, stream surveys, riparian assessments, and threatened and endangered species surveys and management. We use state-of-the-art technologies, protocols, and models in ecological restoration, watershed management, integrated vegetation management, bioengineering, and related services.

Associated Services

Visual analysis/visual imaging
DEA’s professionals are knowledgeable in several visual resource protocols, including the Federal Highway Administration Visual Impact Assessment for Highway Projects and the Visual Prioritization Process User’s Manual, the Bureau of Land Management Visual Resource Management program, and the U.S. Forest Service Scenery Management System. Our visual imaging services include:

  • 3-D and wireframe modeling
  • Aesthetic resource inventory and assessments
  • Grayscale and color rendering
  • Photo simulation
  • Shadow studies
  • Spatial analyses
  • Visual impact analyses
  • Visual mitigation designs

Hydrographic survey services
DEA provides advanced hydrographic surveying services from our custom-designed survey/research vessels or a vessel of opportunity. Detailed habitat mapping for fish spawning, post-flood condition surveys, and aquatic resources monitoring are among the services provided through DEA’s hydrographic survey department. Our hydrographers are trained in the latest navigation and data acquisition techniques and equipment, including:

  • Digital side-scan sonar imaging
  • Differential GPS
  • Gyro integration
  • Multi-beam sonar

General Services Agreement

Key Contact

Craig Sheahan
Water Business Unit General Mgr.

Special Item Numbers

  • SIN 899-1: Environmental Planning Services
  • SIN 899-7: Geographic Information Systems

Contract Number: GS10F0216L

  • Geographic coverage: United States (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Maximum order:
    $1,000,000 (SIN 899-1)
    $1,000,000 (SIN 899-7)
  • Minimum order: $100
  • Prompt pay: Net 30 days
  • U.S. Government credit card accepted: Yes, not to exceed $10,000.00
  • Time of delivery: To be negotiated with contracting agency on each task order.
  • FOB: To be negotiated with contracting agency on each task order.
  • Business size: large

Ordering Address

David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Attn: Craig Sheahan
2100 S.W. River Parkway
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: 503-223-6663
Fax: 503-223-2701

Payment Address

David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Attn: Marcus McGarity
2100 S.W. River Parkway
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: 503-223-6663
Fax: 503-223-2701