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SIN 899-1: Environmental Planning Services

DEA’s environmental professionals offer the full range of knowledge and expertise needed to provide integrated environmental, ecological, and earth science solutions to natural resources management projects. DEA’s staff of biologists, ecologists, botanists, hydrologists, and geologists have expertise in technical analysis, riparian assessments, watershed analysis and threatened and endangered species surveys and management. By staying up-to-date on the latest scientific information and environmental regulations, we help our clients meet the challenges of an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Environmental Impact Statements under NEPA
DEA’s professionals are highly knowledgeable in providing Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Our experience allows us to anticipate and evaluate the potential impacts and levels of environmental clearance that may be required for any given project. DEA’s experience includes:

  • Data identification and collection
  • Experience with BLM, BOR, DOTs, FHWA, USFS, USFWS, NPS, and USACE regulations
  • Extensive staff training in NEPA, SEPA, ESA, Section 404, and Oregon’s Removal/Fill law
  • Preparation of expert testimony
  • Preparation of human health risk and environmental impact evaluations and reports
  • Preparation of material for and involvement in public meetings, scoping meetings, and public hearings
  • Sampling and analysis

Endangered species or wetlands analysis
DEA is a leader in wetland restoration and creation, evaluation, monitoring, mapping, and permitting. Our professionals offer plan, report, and document reviews and agency coordination. Our experience includes:

  • Analysis and report preparation for watershed management plans
  • Biological opinions and consultations under ESA
  • Habitat conservation plans
  • Mitigation plans for threatened and endangered plant and animal species
  • Monitoring plans for wetland remediation and restoration projects
  • Natural resource damage assessment and habitat restoration plans
  • Restoration-based wetland remediation programs under CERCLA and OPA
  • Risk assessment and risk management programs for natural resources in all habitats
  • Threatened and endangered plant and animal species evaluation and monitoring

Archaeological and/or cultural resources management
DEA’s cultural resources capabilities include historical, archaeological, ethnographic, and historic architectural services. Our staff has provided cultural resources studies for a variety of projects. Services include:

  • Field surveys
  • Mitigation reports
  • Project overviews
  • Resource assessments

Economic, technical, and/or risk analyses
In consideration of proposed environmental actions, DEA will prepare work plans, mitigation and monitoring plans, and remediation and restoration plans. DEA performs:

  • Analyses of environmental actions and options required as a result of federal and state environmental laws and regulations, including (but not limited to) CWA, CAA, OPA, CERCLA, RCRA, UST, MMPA, and SDWA
  • Data collection, development, and analysis
  • Hazard and exposure assessments
  • Regulatory, economic, feasibility, and risk analyses

Environmental program management
DEA’s experience includes:

  • Community relations and outreach support
  • Data collection and development
  • Management support
  • Program and project planning
  • Public involvement
  • Quality assurance oversight
  • Technical document review

Environmental regulation development
DEA’s support in developing environmental regulations includes:

  • Analyzing and responding to public comments
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Finalizing regulations
  • Holding public hearings
  • Publishing for public documents

General Services Agreement

Key Contact

Craig Sheahan
Water Business Unit General Mgr.

Special Item Numbers

  • SIN 899-1: Environmental Planning Services
  • SIN 899-7: Geographic Information Systems

Contract Number: GS10F0216L

  • Geographic coverage: United States (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Maximum order:
    $1,000,000 (SIN 899-1)
    $1,000,000 (SIN 899-7)
  • Minimum order: $100
  • Prompt pay: Net 30 days
  • U.S. Government credit card accepted: Yes, not to exceed $10,000.00
  • Time of delivery: To be negotiated with contracting agency on each task order.
  • FOB: To be negotiated with contracting agency on each task order.
  • Business size: large

Ordering Address

David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Attn: Craig Sheahan
2100 S.W. River Parkway
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: 503-223-6663
Fax: 503-223-2701

Payment Address

David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Attn: Marcus McGarity
2100 S.W. River Parkway
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: 503-223-6663
Fax: 503-223-2701