Surveying and Geomatics

Throughout history, land surveyors have played a significant role in the development of our world. Though fundamental principles have remained essentially the same over time, the technology employed continues to rapidly advance. Using basic philosophies and applying the newest in technology, DEA takes an integrated approach to blending the latest tools with the historic past.

Our day-to-day land surveying and geomatics activities are as varied in scope as any potential work tasks. DEA’s team is staffed and fully equipped to provide land surveying services for construction staking and layout, geodetic and control surveys, topographic and quantity surveys, and boundary surveys. As value-added services, we offer in-house 3D high-definition laser scanning, both static and mobile, and in-house hydrographic survey services.

We typically field 30 crews on any given day, and we believe our extensive experience in surveying and geomatics, our expertise in the use of technically complex and precise measurement instruments and procedures, our excellent relationships with local agencies, and our extensive resources in staff and equipment are all strong assets to any team. But our true value added to any project is our understanding of the importance of communication.

What distinguishes the DEA team is our ability to listen to, understand, and work with our clients to find the most cost-effective and timely solution for even the most challenging of projects. Successful projects begin, are executed, and end with excellent and continuous active communication. We employ this approach on every project.

Laser Scanning and Mapping

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Asset and Infrastructure Mobile Mapping

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Energy Infrastructure

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Transportation Infrastructure

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Land Development

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Water Infrastructure

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Geographic Information Systems

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Snohomish County Mobile Mapping Pilot Project

When Snohomish County sought to develop an asset maintenance management system, its goal was to collect, identify, and inventory assets within the county’s right-of-way and assets under its maintenance program. DEA was responsible for mapping and collecting roadway attributes.

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Key Contacts

Marcus Reedy
Surveying and Geomatics Manager
Mountain West Regional Manager

Maria Marzoeki
Surveying and Geomatics Marketing Manager

Matt Okubo
California Regional Manager

Jeff Whitson
Oregon Regional Manager

Sean Douthett
Puget Sound Regional Manager