Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is an integral part of DEA’s services. By complementing the design, enhancing the functionality of the stormwater engineering, responding to NEPA/SEPA requirements, and building community support through evocative imagery, our landscape architects play a key role in developing complete, holistic projects. The analogy is old, but applicable: like salt in a stew, you would miss the landscape architecture if it was not part of the project. DEA provides:

  • Visual imaging, such as photo simulation, spatial analyses, greyscale and color renderings, and shadow studies
  • Visual resource analysis, such as aesthetic resource inventory and assessment, visual impact analysis, and visual mitigation design
  • Landscape design, planting plans, planting recommendations, native species preservation
  • Site design and grading
  • Habitat and stream restoration and stabilization
  • Fish and wildlife passage design
  • Parks, open spaces, trails, and recreational facilities design
  • Street and highway roadside landscape design

Landscape Architecture Services

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Gibson Mariposa Park

DEA worked with Amigos de Los Rios, a non-profit environmental and community advocacy group, to provide design assistance, project coordination, and construction document preparation for Gibson Mariposa Park.

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